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      March, 16 2018 - Brenda
Certified Review
Had knowledge of massage techniques, was able to do deeper pressure as requested. The room was comfortable. Person at reception was lovely and welcoming.
Masseuse seemed holey disinterested in her work. I asked for more attention on my back. Our exchange: Her: most people who get a 60 minute massage want full body, Me: Full body is fine, but less on the legs would be okay so you can spend more time on my back, Her: I'll just do your back. She did do my arms and scalp, too, but she did not communicate well. She also did not perform the same moves or spend same amount of time on each side - it was notable! There were times when I wondered if she had fallen asleep - she just stopped moving (and not during pressure points). Maybe she thought I was asleep. I prefer not to talk so I can relax. I also asked for the music to be louder so I could hear the waves. She did not turn it up! Overall, the experience was just barely okay - and that was disappointing.
Services received :
  • 60 min | Full Body Massage with Amanda

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